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Hi there,

Here you can find my very personal
selection of various Metal albums.

I personally like the Lossless quality
and wanted regroup it here for sharing,
you can easily preview albums
with self-make YouTube clip.

If you get new favorites albums,
buy and support your bands !

Files are encrypted with opensource 7-Zip, Get it!

Also the blog use Uptobox,
get your unlimited access!

You can suggest me albums here.





Anubis Gate - The Detached (2009) [FLAC]

"Please take this video down now. If it's not down within 24 hrs we will rapport your link to illegal content to Nightmare records who now owns these recordings.
You may think it's cool but we as a band loose money. And you're the one who robs us of them. It's things like these that'll make sure we DON*T do another album. Simply because the money we should have gotten from sales of this one will decrease when you offer what's NOT yours for free."

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