!!NEWS : This Blog is not longer manage. Sorry guys. I'm working on a Metal shop. Hope you understand! Stay Metal.


Hi there,

Here you can find my very personal
selection of various Metal albums.

I personally like the Lossless quality
and wanted regroup it here for sharing,
you can easily preview albums
with self-make YouTube clip.

If you get new favorites albums,
buy and support your bands !

Files are encrypted with opensource 7-Zip, Get it!

Also the blog use Uptobox,
get your unlimited access!

You can suggest me albums here.





!NEWS: CompilMetal is moving.

After a depression, and talk with a blog friend, thanks to Chainsaw Fellatio, I decide to reupload every links on a recent host (2011), after a couple of tests I choose Uptobox.

They recently do hardware update for maintain a good quality of service, your download speed is around +500ko/s, they got a responsive support, cheap prices (3,90€/5$), admins are confident for continue the service. Oh, and it's French, Cocorico.

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