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Hi there,

Here you can find my very personal
selection of various Metal albums.

I personally like the Lossless quality
and wanted regroup it here for sharing,
you can easily preview albums
with self-make YouTube clip.

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buy and support your bands !

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Agalloch - The Mantle (2002) [FLAC]

Encyclopaedia Metallum


477 Mo
FLAC (~938kb)
Progressive Black Metal
Folk Metal

01. A Celebration For The Death Of Man...
02. In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion        
03. Odal
04. I Am The Wooden Doors
05. The Lodge
06. You Were But
A Ghost In My Arms
07. The Hawthorne Passage
08. ...And The Great Cold
Death Of The Earth
09. A Desolation Song

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