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Hi there,

Here you can find my very personal
selection of various Metal albums.

I personally like the Lossless quality
and wanted regroup it here for sharing,
you can easily preview albums
with self-make YouTube clip.

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Ultra Vomit - M. Patate (2004) [FLAC]

Encyclopaedia Metallum


190 Mo
FLAC (~977kb)

01. Reborn From Death
02. Abruted
03. Une Souris Verte
04. Bouba
05. Arf!
06. Forclosure Beyond Ignifusion
07. Brutally Brutalized
08. 6J
09. Disgorging The Prepuce        
10. Phoned To Death
11. Monster Mosh
12. Captain Igloo
13. Ghost Track
14. Milhouse By The Cemetary
15. Musashimaru
16. Poil Pubien
17. One Chiotte
18. People = Frite
19. Judas Prost
20. I Like To Vomit
21. From The Dark Depths Of Long Eternity
In My Old Ages Of Emptiness I Shall Rem...
22. Max Et Compagnie

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